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Divan e Shams e Tabrizi: The Complete Collection of Rumi's Poems in Persian and English

Rumis greatest lyrical verse has also made him one of the most loved poets in the modern world. He has spoken eloquently and poetically of the meaning of life and the individual's quest to find God and virtue. Also the great philosopher, Muslim thinker, and mystic, he lived the Islamic values of brotherhood and compassion. More than any other Muslim, Rumi demonstrated an exuberant celebration of life in spite of adversity, deprivation, pain, and illness. He taught how to live meaningfully in all situations and to remain calm and true to ones' own heart and spirit when facing all manner of troubles. This volume will serve as an excellent introduction to Rumi's life and work for the student and general reader alike. divan e shams e tabrizi pdf download Follow the messages of Rumi and Muhammed to create a deeper understanding of self and the world through lessons from the Qur'an and the Prophetic Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad. Written by Dayana DeRoma Nuñez and translated by Albert A. Bultman, Islamic Philosophy and Theological Trends in the Thought of Jalaluddin Rumi, shows how students can continue to learn and grow as a result of engaging Rumi's classical Islamic philosophies. The reader is first introduced to the breadth of Rumi's thought and inquiry, and is then able to dive into his Islamic thought in depth by reading and discussing the many existing commentaries on these subjects. It is one of the first works to focus on the whole breadth of Rumi's thought, with his varying interests, making it an inclusive and trustworthy reference.

divan e shams e tabrizi pdf download

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This landmark work is the definitive book on Shamsi Tabriz, the great twelfth-century Persian Sufi, admired by Rumi and his followers for his teachings on the path to God. Here translated into English for the first time, Shamsi Tabrizi offers an original and authoritative interpretation of his complex poetry and prose. Dr. Henderson shows how the writings of Shamsi Tabrizi can be understood within the context of the religions and culture of the Middle Ages, and explores the influence of his teachings on Rumi, bringing out the fascinating parallels between Rumi and Shamsi Tabrizi. This book is essential for students and scholars of Sufism and comparative literature, and for anyone interested in the history of religion.


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