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Custom Robo Battle Revolution !FREE! Download

Custom Robo, the first title in the series to get a US release, is AWESOME. In the world of Custom Robo, people customize small robots (the titular Custom Robos) and use them in matches against one another. Not only is there a story mode, but also a VS mode and plenty of customization.

custom robo battle revolution download

The graphics are awesome and the sound is so clear that you can hear your robot's feet clang along the ground even when your friends are blowing stuff up and making a lot of noise. I wish this game had less talking and more fighting, and the story is kind of dumb, but in a way it is realistic. But this game is still good. Multiplayer is fun but the customizing makes it kind of complicated. So when you are gonna play with a friend make sure you know what guns your gonna use.

Design your own custom robo warrior, and battle your friends in a virtual arena!Custom Robo, the wildly popular action game of mechanized melee from Japan, hits the U.S. in May 2004. Get ready to enter a world of hyper-tech weapons, holosseums, and heavy-barrel battles. Custom Robo puts you in the pilot's seat of a state-of-the-art war machine in the not-too-distant future where crime and justice duke it out in virtual battlegrounds.With the game's powerful, innovative customization, you can construct your robot from the ground up using an enormous arsenal of over 200 parts and weapons, from guns to bombs, robo models and homing pods. Many weapons are freely available on the market, but some -- deadly and highly illegal -- can only be acquired in secret robo gambling rooms and from the hands of crime syndicates.

To get the very best robos in the game you must first complete story mode "a new journey" and unlock "the grand battle", once you have acquired a complete set of trophies from the city and the Z syndicate base you may enter certain challenges in the amusement parkIf you collect the full set of bronze trophies you can enter the bronze handicap challenge, if you win you get the robo RuhielIf you collect the full set of silver trophies you can enter the silver battle royale, if you win you unlock the robo AthenaIf you collect all of the gold tropies you can enter the gold 1 on 1 challenge, if you win you unlock the robo RasenkanRuhiel: The illegal robo Sergei uses, it is a lightning sky robo with upgraded defense, attack and speedAthena: The illegal robo the twin sisters use, it is an arial beauty robo with upgraded speed, sky and attackRasenkan: The illegal robo Oboro uses, it is a vanishing stricker with upgraded attack, defense and speed

In The Grand Battle story mode go into the land ladies room and inn the back room thre's a training gym robot. Talk to it and it will download all Can parts to the part generator. Then go to the parts generator and it will give you all the Can parts.


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