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Storie Blu: The Italian Series of Adult Science-Fiction Comics

Storie Blu: The Italian Series of Adult Science-Fiction Comics

Storie Blu was an Italian series of adult science-fiction comics that ran from 1979 to 1990. It featured stories of eroticism, horror, and fantasy, often with a dystopian or futuristic setting. The series was published by Ediperiodici, a company that specialized in adult comics and magazines.

The series had 125 issues, but the last one was actually numbered 122/123. It also had three supplements, called Super Muscolo, that featured stories of muscular women. Some of the artists who worked on Storie Blu were Leone Frollo, Roberto Raviola, Giuseppe Festino, and Massimo Rotundo.

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Storie Blu was one of the most popular and influential adult comics in Italy, and it inspired many other similar publications. It also had a cult following among comic fans and collectors around the world. Some of the stories were translated into other languages, such as French, Spanish, and German.

If you are interested in reading Storie Blu, you can find some of the issues online in PDF format. However, be aware that these comics are not suitable for minors or sensitive readers, as they contain explicit scenes of sex and violence. You can also check out some of the covers and artwork on Comic Vine[^1^] or OpenSea[^2^].

Storie Blu was a unique and innovative series that explored the dark and erotic side of science-fiction. It was a product of its time and culture, but it also transcended them with its creativity and quality. If you are a fan of adult comics and science-fiction, you should not miss Storie Blu.

Some of the Best Stories from Storie Blu

Storie Blu had a variety of stories, ranging from sci-fi classics to original creations. Some of the stories were standalone, while others were serialized or had recurring characters. Here are some of the best stories from Storie Blu, according to comic critics and fans:

  • Il Pianeta della Perfidia (The Planet of Perfidy): The last issue of Storie Blu featured a story by Giuseppe Festino and Massimo Rotundo, set on a planet where human colonists are enslaved by a race of reptilian aliens. The story follows the adventures of a female rebel leader who tries to free her people from the alien tyranny.

  • La Super Prostituta (The Super Prostitute): A story by Roberto Raviola and Leone Frollo, published in issue 88, about a woman who works as a prostitute in a futuristic city. She has a special ability to change her appearance and personality according to her clients' desires. However, she also has a secret identity as a spy and assassin for a mysterious organization.

  • Legge di Guerra (Law of War): A story by Giuseppe Festino and Massimo Rotundo, published in issue 102, about a war between two rival factions in a post-apocalyptic world. The story focuses on a female soldier who is captured by the enemy and subjected to brutal torture and rape. She manages to escape and seeks revenge on her captors.

  • L'Uomo Mantide (The Mantis Man): A story by Giuseppe Festino and Massimo Rotundo, published in issue 112, about a man who is infected by a strange virus that transforms him into a half-human, half-insect creature. He becomes obsessed with finding and mating with women who have the same virus, while avoiding the authorities who want to capture him.

  • Tentacoli (Tentacles): A story by Giuseppe Festino and Massimo Rotundo, published in issue 81, about a woman who is kidnapped by a cult that worships an ancient god. She is taken to an underground temple where she is offered as a sacrifice to the god, who is a giant octopus-like creature. She tries to resist the god's tentacles, but soon falls under his spell.

These are just some of the many stories that Storie Blu offered to its readers. Each issue had its own style and theme, but they all shared a common element: the exploration of sexuality and violence in science-fiction scenarios. Storie Blu was not for the faint of heart, but it was definitely for the adventurous and curious. 29c81ba772