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Buy Bulk Protein Powder Wholesale

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Buy Bulk Protein Powder Wholesale

If you are looking to purchase bulk protein powder (quantities over 40 lbs). Please contact [email protected] or text 732-901-9600. Your email should include the exact product and quantity to expedite your request.

Bulk protein powder is when one buys protein powder in large quantities. Instead of purchasing the standard 2 lbs units that protein powders are sold in, bulk whey protein usually will be packaged in bags. This is because that amount of powder does not fit in a plastic jar. Purchasing protein powder this way is appealing to bodybuilders, athletes, and people looking to gain weight. All of these types of people require more protein grams per day than an average person. Therefore they prefer to buy their protein powder in bulk. Buying bulk protein powder does have its advantages over standard protein powder. This article will describe these advantages.

The reason is that when one does purchase bulk protein powder, they are buying it directly from the manufacturer. When one purchases protein powder from a retailer in 1 lb or 2 lbs containers, sometimes a supplement company will use protein spiking ingredients, which was a big problem a few years ago. That is why, if one is going to purchase protein powder at the retail level, to buy plain protein powder, not flavored. This way, it will only contain two ingredients which are the protein powder and the emulsifier. The emulsifier is commonly soy or sunflower lecithin. Both are needed so that the protein powder mixes easily with a spoon and disperses into the liquid. Not using an emulsifier will cause the protein powder to not disperse into a liquid. Hence, it will just float on top.

Bulk whey protein powder is typically less costly on a gram for gram basis. The cost is approximately $6 to $8 per pound. The most popular whey protein which is Optimum Nutrition sells in 5 lbs containers for $10 to $12.00 per pound. If one purchases a larger quantity of protein powder, the price can go even lower. Typically, whey protein powder manufacturers will package their protein powders in 20-kilo bags (44 lbs). If a person can purchase this amount, the price can dip to $4 to $6 per pound, which is even more significant saving.

Another advantage of buying bulk whey protein powder is that you can request a sample from the manufacturer and most of the time they will send you one if you are from a business. Typically they will send you 1 to 2 lbs to try.

If one wishes to buy bulk protein powder at wholesale prices, they need to find a protein powder manufacturer. There are several of these companies located in the United States. Here is a list of wholesale bulk protein powder companies.

Out of all of the companies above, only allows one to purchase bulk protein powder easily online. Also, Proteinfactory has a phone number that one can text message and negotiate a purchase. The other companies do have phone numbers that you can call, but not a method to purchase online.

One of the best things about buying bulk protein powder is that it comes unflavored. Buying unflavored protein powder is a much better choice than flavored protein powder because of several reasons. Unflavored bulk protein is healthier because it does not contain the artificial ingredients that flavored does. Artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame can be very unhealthy. Artificial colors like Red 40 and Yellow 6, which are commonly used in unflavored protein powders, like strawberry and banana, are incredibly harmful. These synthetic colors are banned in Europe!

If one decides to buy protein powder in bulk, knowing how to store it is a must. The good thing is that protein powder is a dry powder. It does not contain much moisture. Typically a whey protein powder will have a moisture content of less than 1%. When the moisture content is this low, it means the chance that the powder grows bacteria is very, very slim. The bacteria and microbes that could gr


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