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Save Simbachka: A Fun and Challenging Game for All Ages

Saving a cat from beesSave Simba - entertaining puzzle for Android users devices of all ages. Quite an exciting and addictive puzzle from the first minutes on Android, where you will need to try at each level to save a cat named Simbochka from dangerous and wild bees. The cat will travel to various locations, on each of which the bees will suddenly attack the hero. To overcome the level, you will need to draw an obstacle that the bees cannot overcome. Fun LevelsYou can download free Android puzzle and overcome a lot exciting levels with gradually increasing difficulty. Each time you will be offered a new location with special nuances and unique items, and all the details on it will help you protect Simbochka from the attack of bees, you just need to draw the line correctly and protect the hero. Are you ready to save Simba in every challenge?

save simbachka скачать

Save Simbachka is a cute and unpretentious puzzle game that will help you disconnect from worries and have fun. In the game, the participant will get acquainted with the funny cat Simba, who is constantly attacked by bees. As soon as the character is in some location, malicious insects immediately begin to swarm around him. He himself cannot cope with this scourge and is waiting for the gamer to save him.

Bees, birds, and sharks are some of the foes that players will be tasked with defending Simba from throughout the game. The further the players go through the game, the more difficult the antagonists become, which adds to the overall excitement of the experience. Players will need to think strategically and react quickly to save Simba from being attacked by these foes.

Save the Simbochka is an exciting puzzle game for Android from the popular blogger-tiktoker Simba (Simbochka Pimp), in which you will save a charming cat and his friends from various dangers!

Save Simbachka is a casual puzzle game. You draw lines with your finger to create a wall that protects Simba from bees and other dangers. You need to protect Simba with a painted wall from all dangers for a few seconds, hold out and you will win the game. Use your wits to save Simba the cat.How to play:1. Paint of the screen to create a line to protect Simba;2. As long as you don't let go of your finger, you can always draw a line further until the ink runs out;3. You can release your finger and finish drawing the line there if you think that it will protect Simba;5. Wait the specified time on the level so that the bees fly away;6. Hooray! You have passed the level!Game Features:1. Different enemies;2. Many bright and beautiful levels;3. Simba's funny expressions;4. Various hats worn by Simba;5. Posters in place that unlock new hats.Good luck and have fun playing!

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