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How To Download And Install Aoi Character Pack For Unity ##BEST##

What is included in the Aoi Character Pack?

The Aoi Character Pack includes:

How to Download and Install Aoi Character Pack for Unity

  • 10 female characters with different facial expressions and body types

  • Over 100 outfits and accessories, such as school uniforms, casual clothes, swimsuits, glasses, hats, and more

  • Over 40 hairstyles and colors, including ponytails, braids, buns, and bangs

  • Over 300 animations for walking, running, jumping, sitting, talking, dancing, fighting, and more

  • A character customization system that allows you to mix and match different parts and colors

  • A facial animation system that supports lip sync and eye blink

  • A shader system that supports cel shading, outline, and toon lighting

How to use the Aoi Character Pack?

The Aoi Character Pack is compatible with Unity 4.6.3 or higher. You can import the asset pack into your project and drag and drop the characters into your scene. You can also use the character customization window to change the appearance of the characters. You can assign different animations to the characters using the animation controller or the legacy animation component. You can also use other assets or scripts to enhance the functionality of the characters, such as dialogue systems, camera systems, or physics systems.

Why choose the Aoi Character Pack?

The Aoi Character Pack is a high-quality asset pack that offers a lot of options and flexibility for creating anime-style characters. The characters are designed with realistic proportions and movements, but also have a stylized look that suits the anime genre. The asset pack is also regularly updated with new features and improvements. The asset pack has received positive reviews from many users who have praised its variety, quality, and ease of use.

Where to get the Aoi Character Pack?

You can get the Aoi Character Pack from the Unity Asset Store for $35. You can also check out other assets from Game Asset Studio, such as soccer players, houseplants, or zombies. Game Asset Studio is a publisher that specializes in creating 3D models and animations for games.


The Aoi Character Pack is a great asset pack for anyone who wants to create anime-style characters for their Unity projects. It offers a lot of customization options and animations that can help you create engaging and immersive stories. You can get it from the Unity Asset Store and start creating your own visual novel or anime game today.

How to create a visual novel with the Aoi Character Pack?

A visual novel is a type of interactive storytelling game that uses text, images, sound, and sometimes choices to convey a narrative. Visual novels are popular in Japan and often feature anime-style characters and themes. If you want to create your own visual novel with the Aoi Character Pack, you will need some additional tools and steps.

First, you will need a dialogue system that can display text and choices on the screen. There are many dialogue systems available on the Unity Asset Store, such as Fungus, Dialogue System for Unity, or Naninovel. You can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. You will also need to write your own script and dialogue for your story.

Second, you will need a camera system that can switch between different angles and perspectives. You can use the built-in camera component in Unity or use a third-party camera system, such as Cinemachine or Adventure Creator. You will also need to set up your scenes and backgrounds for your story.

Third, you will need to integrate the Aoi Character Pack with your dialogue and camera systems. You can use the character customization window to create different characters for your story. You can also use the facial animation system to make the characters talk and express emotions. You can assign different animations to the characters depending on their actions and situations.

Finally, you will need to test and debug your visual novel and make sure everything works as intended. You can also add some polish and extra features, such as music, sound effects, transitions, or menus. You can then build and publish your visual novel for your target platforms.

What are some examples of visual novels made with the Aoi Character Pack?

If you are looking for some inspiration or examples of visual novels made with the Aoi Character Pack, you can check out some of these projects:

  • My Memory of Us: A touching story of friendship and love in a world torn by war.

  • One Day in London: A dark fantasy adventure set in Victorian London.

  • Reimei no Gakuen: A supernatural romance set in a modern academy.

  • Sakura Succubus: A comedy harem game featuring cute succubi.

  • The Last Birdling: A story of friendship and betrayal between two girls from different races.



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