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Proficy Machine Edition Download Full Version

“Productivity Boost” Significantly Improves Performance For Online Operations CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, FEBRUARY 12, 2007 - GE Fanuc Automation, a unit of GE Industrial, today announced the release of Proficy™ Machine Edition Version 5.60 which provides a “Productivity Boost,” focusing on features such as a new PACSystems LD Online Compare utility and Word-for-Word change, Test-Edit, and Run-Mode-Store, to improve performance for online operations. GE Fanuc’s Proficy Machine Edition is an automation software breakthrough deploying HMI, motion and multi-target control in an integrated development environment. This environment provides a common user interface, drag-and-drop editing, and a rich set of development tools. Proficy Machine Edition includes all of the automation software components users need to reduce programming, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance costs. Combining the best of traditional programming and graphics applications with powerful open industry standard technologies such as COM/DCOM, ActiveX, OPC, and XML, Proficy Machine Edition provides a smooth migration path to the latest development tools. In addition, all components share a common database and common objects across applications, including logic, scripts, and animation. Once a variable is created, it can easily be used in all other components of a project. All Machine Edition components are part of a common integrated development environment and utilize a single project database, providing a common user interface and a set of standard tools. “The new features of Proficy Machine Edition 5.60 accelerate the commissioning phase of application development by significantly improving the time it takes to perform online operations, and in the case of the PACSystems LD Online Compare, to find differences between the application in the controller and the project,” said Michael Richards, Programming Software Product Manager for GE Fanuc. “Both of these improvements mean that the control or maintenance engineer can examine and modify the running application with maximum efficiency.” Enhancements included in this release include:• PACSystems LD Online Compare: Allows the user to compare the ladder diagram (LD) logic in the project to the logic in the PACSystems controller. The result is an HTML-based report with hyperlinks that can navigate to a side-by-side comparison of LD rungs that differ. These are highlighted in color for quick recognition. This feature has been integrated directly into Logic Developer PLC. • Recovery File Option: Proficy Machine Edition preferences include a new Enable Recovery File option. When enabled, project information is automatically saved to a recovery file every time the project is validated or downloaded. If the program terminates abnormally, users can choose to open the Recovery file, the Last Saved Project file, or the Last Successfully Opened Project file when opening the Machine Edition Project. • Enhanced Toolchest Custom Structure Support: Provides the ability to duplicate a Toolchest custom structure and to multi-select custom structure elements. • Enhancement to the Function Block Diagram Editor: Several new features have been added to the PACSystems FBD Editor, such as: Fanout Instruction, Auto Solve Order Enable/Disable, UDFB Member Variables as Wires, and Loop back Support. • Version Settings Block Property: Allows user to define versioning information for a block of logic, such as Author and Date Created. • Proficy View Enhancements: New features such as: Adjust QuickPanel Control/View Brightness Level from the View Application, Edit Variable Descriptions from the View Application, Application Download Optimization, and View Objects Scaling. • Logic Developer PC Enhancements: Modbus Slave TCP/IP Driver that allows user to select either serial or Ethernet TCP/IP; the Slave Driver supports Unsolicited Messages. About GE Fanuc AutomationGE Fanuc Automation Corporation, a joint venture between GE and FANUC LTD of Japan, delivers automation hardware and software designed to help users reduce costs, increase efficiency and enhance profitability. With solutions and services for virtually every industrial segment, GE Fanuc Automation provides a diverse array of capabilities and products, including controllers, embedded systems, advanced software, motion control, CNCs, operator interfaces, industrial computers, and lasers. Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA, GE Fanuc Automation is a part of GE Industrial and combines the diverse global strengths of the GE family with the local presence customers need to design, develop and maintain their automation investments.

proficy machine edition download full version

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