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Gdz Po English Reader

The exercises are solved in the order laid down in the original edition. The authors take the liberty of giving some helpful tips and recommendations that students will find in ready-made answers. All material is presented in an accessible form that will be understandable to any reader.

gdz po english reader

Screen readers can either read out asterisks ("Leser*innen") and underscores ("Leser_innen") as such or pause at the position of the special character (e.g. "Leser-asterisk-Innen" or "Leser [pause] innen"). The pause would correspond to the common verbal identification of asterisks or underscores by means of a so-called glottal stop. The German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired recommends, however, for better listening comprehension, not to use gender-specific language forms with special characters (Leser*innen, Leser_innen) in accessible texts, but to use neutral formulations or the binary, written-out double designation ("Lesende", "Leserinnen" und "Leser"). However, if short forms are to be used, the DBSV recommends using the gender asterisk, as this is the most commonly used. The colon, on the other hand, is not recommended. 041b061a72


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