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What To Buy A Beer Lover

This one's easy: Just sign them up for a craft beer subscription. Craft Beer Club introduces them to four beers every single month, ensuring they'll always have a new microbrewery or style to get amped about.

what to buy a beer lover

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Female-owned, NYC-based brewery TALEA teamed up with Brooklyn Brew Shop on this kit that lets you make one of TALEA's fruited sours. Brewed with peach, strawberry, and pink guava, this is going to be a great beer for the summer. Gift them this reusable kit now, and they'll have the process dialed in by the time it barbecue season starts.

Make sure your beer stays cold with the help of these beer chilling coasters. They're made from reclaimed New Hampshire granite, meaning they're sturdy, sleek, and super cool. Plus, they have foam on the bottom of each one so they won't scratch the table.

This gift will have any beer lover jumping for, well, YOY! With a capacity to hold containers up to three inches wide, all you need to do is attach the YOY Drink Cup Holder to pretty much any tabletop or surface and voilà: You have a convenient spot to stash your drink. Wine, beer, soda, seltzer... whatever your drink of choice may be, this heavy-duty holder will keep it safe (even if you bump into it by mistake).

We have a confession: There's no beer in this 1.75-ounce novelty can. However, this Draft Beer Can Tin is packed with five 0.35-ounce bags of gourmet beer-flavored jelly beans, which offer the refreshing taste of a draft beer without any of the alcohol.

Personalized tankards = the easiest way to keep track of where your beer is. This Custom Engraved Mug is available as a single personalized glass or in a set of up to eight, making it perfect for one or all of your drinking buddies. In addition to being dishwasher-safe, Etsy seller Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts stands by its handiwork and offers a lifetime guarantee on its engravings.

This book offers over 50 recipes that include local and seasonal ingredients that help make unique and tasty farmhouse beers. It helps them find regional plants, and how to forage, harvest, and preserve them.

If they don't have a separate beer or beverage fridge, they may find that their product is having a hard time squeezing in. This contraption features strong magnetic patches that attach to the ceiling of the fridge, allowing bottles to dangle from the top instead of taking up room on the shelf.

If you're on the lookout for a present for a member of your family or a friend who likes a drop of ale and are looking for some buying advice, we've picked out some of the best gifts for beer lovers currently available online.

Our beer-soaked gift bonanza covers options for every budget and includes ideas for all kinds of ale, whether that's a tasty IPA, lager or stout. If your dad prefers non-alcoholic beer, then we also have options here too.

Iron Maiden have added a delicious stout to their ever-growing army of Trooper beers. Once again created by singer Bruce Dickinson in partnership with Robinsons Brewery, Fear Of The Dark (4.5% ABV) is full-bodied and rich in flavour, with none-too-subtle hints of coffee and dark-roasted chocolate.

If one of your friends or family is really into their beer and is stuck for things to do, Justin Kennedy's vast tome The Bucket List: Beer is perfect for planning and lists no fewer than 1000 boozy adventures, from pub crawls to pop-up beer gardens, brewery tours to Bavarian knees-ups. With beautiful photographs throughout, this should keep whoever you buy it for busy for some time.

When we were kids, having a Soda Stream on the kitchen worktop felt like the coolest thing ever. Well, here's the grown-up equivalent: the Fizzics DraftPour takes any can or bottle of beer, and instantly turns it into a beautifully refreshing draft.

Whether your intended present receiver enjoys sitting on the beach, lazing on a sun lounger or grilling meat on the BBQ, there's nothing like a cold beer to cool things down on a hot summer's day. This stainless steel can and bottle cooler will keep cans nice and chilled. It comes in a variety of different colours and holds 330ml/400ml cans, and 330ml bottles. The can or bottle is held in place by a grip lock lid so your dad can flip those burgers without dropping his precious brew.

All they'll have to do is lift it to their lips every now and again, and before they know it they'll have biceps like Arnie. And when you factor in trips back and forth from the fridge, it's the ultimate beer workout!

If there's one thing that's going to get your booze-loving friendin the mood for a night out, it's dowsing themselves in shower gel that looks like beer. Fitted with a hook so they can hang it up as they lather, this bottle-shaped bathroom accessory contains 300ml of liquid soap (not beer-scented) that you could easily mistake for lager. And when they stumble in for a slash at 3am, they probably will.

I hope this has helped you find the perfect gifts for beer lovers in your life. If not, make sure to explore my other Gift Guides! I have holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, travel gadgets for any budget or occasion. Happy shopping!

Founder and owner of Big World, Small Girl: an Austin, Texas-based beer and travel blog that covers everything from brewery interviews to international travel. I've been featured in Bloomberg, Untappd, Good Beer Hunting, and most recently as one of UPROXX's Top Beer Influencers to Follow on Instagram.

I'm Caitlin! Owner of Austin-based Beer and Travel blog: Big World, Small Girl. I created this blog to share adventures, stories, and interviews from your favorite breweries and drinks to inspire your own beercation.

Outback Steakhouse: The company is encouraging gift giving Friday, according to an email sent by Outback. Send a friend a token for a steak, beer or more via email or send a text with an interactive beer.

Yard House: Find deals such as half-priced appetizers and pizzas and $2 off beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, during traditional and late night happy hours. Happy hour days and times vary by location and are posted at Yard House.

There are certainly more places to celebrate beer than ever, as an explosion of brewpubs, microbreweries and smaller, independent breweries as resulted in a record high of more than 6,300 U.S. breweries, according to the Brewers Association.

Ibotta: The cashback app offers savings on alcohol including beer at grocery and liquor stores and at restaurants and bars in most states. Ibotta's help page notes 10 states are excluded from beer rebates including Hawaii, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia. Ibotta also has cashback offers on groceries, household items, online shopping and more. Once you earn $20 in cashback through the app, you can transfer money to a PayPal or Venmo account or choose a gift card.

Budweiser Rewards: There are three ways to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes: buy select Budweiser beer, buy TicketMaster tickets using a link from Budweiser or engaging with the brand on social media or its website. According to the terms and conditions, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Texas and Utah are excluded from earning points on purchases. Learn more at

Coors Light Rewards: The three ways to earn points are: enter codes from inside specially marked packs of Coors Light, play trivia anywhere the beer brand is served and complete challenges. Points can be redeemed for rewards or "offer items," according to the terms and conditions. Learn more at

World of Beer: With WOB Rewards, earn 2 tokens for every $1 you spend at World of Beer, get rewarded for trying new beers and exclusive discounts. Tokens can be redeemed for beer, food and drinks. Learn more at

It helped me when you said that if you're gonna take the time to get invested in a book, it should be about something substantial, like beer. My wife and I are preparing for a gift we will give to our loved ones. One option is a Texas Themed Gift for my father who likes cowboys.

We live in a town filled with craft breweries and delicious beer. At Old Town Spice Shop, we decided to take our passion for craft coffee and craft beer to make Hopped Up Coffee! We wanted to create something new for our coffee-loving customers to enjoy while being able to buy coffee beans locally.

Hopped Up Coffee is a single-origin coffee blended with various hops and malted barley to add the texture, sweetness, and body of various beer styles. We work with many local breweries, including New Belgium, Odell, Horse & Dragon, Purpose Brewing, DC Oakes, and others, to help create our line of unique flavors.

If you are struggling with what to buy your craft beer fan this holiday season, we can help. Craft Beer Lovers are usually the easiest people to buy for. They are pretty happy with a six pack of a new beer, but if you really want to find that extra special craft beer gift, keep reading. We have identified 9 different craft beer personas to help give you some ideas and lots of local Ohio shopping suggestions.

1. The Sweet and Salty Craft Beer Fan will appreciate an assortment of fine chocolates and snacks to pair with a variety of beers. Consider filling their basket with coffee beers, stouts, and a variety of items from your local chocolate shop. A must include item from the Squirrel's Den would be their chocolate covered pretzels, caramel popcorn and dark chocolate coffee squares.

2. The Craft Beer Chef will not only cook with beer, they will use it in their recipes too. Select a cook book or two with recipes based on beers or filled with suggested pairings along with bottles IPA's or other flavorful beers. Add a Phoenix gift pack with a set of pint glasses, a growler filled with their favorite beer and koozies to keep their beer cold while they are cooking. 041b061a72


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