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Bentley TopoGRAPH V8i V08.11.09.95 - [ECC-70002-00346] -

bentley has also released a new version of their topograph plug-in for the autodesk revit family of products. the new plug-in for revit 2014 offers the same features of the older topograph v6. in addition to the new seamless integration between the two products, the new version of the bentley topograph plug-in for revit 2014 offers new point cloud processing features and new editing tools.

Bentley Topograph V8i

Download File:

we have not had an opportunity to test the new bentley topograph v8i for autodesk revit 2013 yet, but the new capabilities presented in the new release for autodesk revit 2013 are certainly going to be welcomed by many users.

the new v8i is a visual explorer that provides real-time point cloud editing and adjustment capabilities. powersurvey is the best tool for powerv8 or powerv12 users to quickly create a topographic model from existing point cloud data.

bentley topograph v8i topography is used to collect digital data that can be used for precise mapping and landmarking, which provides support for a variety of specialized applications. bentley topography v8i topography is used for:

the bentley powersurvey topography v8i software provides a powerful surveyor solution that enables accurate point cloud and data collection from a variety of laser scanners and other devices. the bentley topography v8i software is a commercial software solution that provides a detailed overview of surveying applications. it supports laser scanning and many other devices.

topography v8i is a special, advanced version of topography v8. it was introduced in the spring of 2013 and is used for collecting point clouds and other data from the most advanced laser scanners. topography v8i is used for:


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