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Best Place To Buy Apple Watch Bands

Because the band can change the look of the Apple Watch, there are sport bands, leather bands, metal bands and rugged Apple Watch bands to consider. Here are all the best Apple Watch bands you can get, tested and rated based on material, comfort, appearance, durability and value.

best place to buy apple watch bands

Nike makes the best Apple Watch bands for athletes who love a brand-name. The Nike Sport Band features a blatantly sports-focused design; it's made from fluoroelastomer, which is designed to hold up during intensive activity. The strap is lined with perforations, making this by far the most breathable Apple Watch band on this list.

The Fullmosa Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band is the best Apple Watch band for anyone who wants their Apple Watch to look more like a traditional wristwatch. It comes in a variety of metallic finishes, all of which match existing Apple Watch colors, including silver, black and even red and blue. We found it makes the Apple Watch feel more sophisticated than it would with a sport strap.

The Trail Loop is one of the best Apple Watch Ultra bands, designed specifically for those who plan to spend time running outdoors. It prioritizes comfort with a one of the most lightweight designs we've ever tested. It's also extremely secure, keeping the watch strapped to our wrists even when we're moving fast. When we want it to be a little more snug, a convenient pull tab makes it a breeze to adjust the fit quickly.

You can go for the office-acceptable nylon strap or leather loop with a modern buckle. You can try out a ballroom-worthy link bracelet, a sport loop band made from soft silicone or a rugged woven nylon band. Heck, there are even Italian leather and rose gold options out there if you're feeling fancy. Different watch bands come with different closures as well, so if you're on the lookout for a stainless steel buckle or a magnetic clasp, chances are they exist.

There are a lot of silicone Apple Watch bands out there, but there aren't many with this thick, textured design. The tire-tread silicone on this Carterjett band makes it perfect for people who need durability in a band, and the rugged aesthetic is a bonus for outdoorsy or adventurous types. This watch strap comes in a variety of color option choices with sizes from small to extra-large.

Apple manufactures its own suite of leather Apple Watch bands, but the least expensive leather band models start at $99, and the rest (especially those Hermès bands) are priced high enough to sticker shock most people. Though I'm the last to say $80 is inexpensive for a watch band, the Nomad Modern Strap, made from Horween leather, still helps you save compared with Apple Watch leather bands. And, this leather option is still high quality, highly rated and provides a comfortable fit. Linked here is the genuine Apple Watch leather band in rustic brown with matte black hardware, but this leather band comes in other colors too.

For those who want to stick with the classic, simple smartwatch look, nylon is the way to go. This woven style can be extremely durable and long-lasting if you choose the right brand. Salty USA, a Utah-based company that makes Apple accessories, offers budget-friendly woven nylon Apple Watch bands in two sizes (38/40mm and 42/44mm), and they come in more than 20 colors.

Many people, particularly those with smaller wrists, feel that most watch bands fit too wide or thick. If you're looking to wear a thin wristband, try this Secbolt leather watch band that's earned an Amazon's Choice label. This leather strap comes in more than 20 colors and patterns, and the brand offers a one-year full warranty so you can buy with confidence. The genuine leather wrist strap with fine stitching conforms easily to small wrists, and the leather strap can be adjusted to wrist size, thanks to the stainless steel buckle.

If you have large wrists or long or muscular arms, you might find that many watch bands look oddly minuscule on you -- or they don't fit at all. Epic Bands solves this problem with its adjustable stainless steel link bands, which you can customize to fit any size wrist. The band itself is already rather hefty (Epic Bands even clarifies that customers with smaller wrists may not like this band), and it fits wrists up to 8.7 inches (220 mm) as is. If you need the band to fit a larger wrist, you can purchase additional links to make the watch band as long as you need.

You can surely find rubber watch bands on Amazon for less than $49 (the official Apple Watch bands aren't the most affordable), but I'd urge buyers to be cautious if they have plans to wear a watch band during high-intensity, sweaty workouts. If you like to throw down in the weight room, consider the sports band made in partnership with one of the largest sportswear manufacturers worldwide.

Your Apple Watch is an everyday essential wearable, so you want a similarly everyday Apple Watch bands to go alongside it. These bands look good and are suitably durable, so they can withstand whatever you get up to. They might not be as stylish as an expensive designer option, but they'll look as appropriate on public transport as they will in the office. Think of these bands in the same way as your reliable favorite T-shirt or pair of jeans - just in smartwatch form.

The best Apple Watch bands for swimming have a lot in common with the best straps for working out. They're lightweight and comfortable, while also being waterproof so you don't have to worry about them falling apart during your swim. The options here are all great for casual use too - just bear in mind that they're not suitable for more formal occasions.

Leather Apple Watch bands - and vegan leather options - have the classiness of a traditional watch, with all the benefits of being designed specifically for your Apple device. Leather is highly durable when you maintain it well, so it's good value for money, but it's not great for exercising - and certainly not suitable for swimming.

Designer Apple Watch bands can be very expensive, but not always. We've curated a range of bespoke options here: some from big-name designers, others from less well-known artists or in-house designers - all with a unique look that will help you stand out from the crowd. There's something here for every budget. If you want to spend more than your watch cost, you can, but there are still some very smart-looking bespoke options for far less, as well as fun designs, and you can even create a bracelet-style look with one of the options here.

If crocodile skin leather seems like the height of luxury, the Mintapple Limited Edition Genuine Exotic Apple Watch strap is for you. This designer watch strap from Mintapple looks distinctive in every way, using expensive leather alongside surgical grade 316L stainless steel that won't rust or tarnish. It's intricate, highly durable, and comes made to order. Many people won't want a crocodile leather strap, but for anyone who does this is an undeniably classy choice, and represents good value for money.

If you prefer the classic and cold stylings of a metal watch strap, it's easily achieved with a metal Apple Watch band. Much like some of the designer range, things can get expensive here, but the handy thing about metal Apple Watch bands is they're incredibly robust. Consider these an investment that will help keep your watch safe for a long time to come. Just bear in mind they're not usually great for exercising.

Nylon is a good option for a comfortable band, especially if you look for an Apple Watch strap made from super soft nylon. Nylon bands are some of the ones with the best pattern and color options, as well as the popular woven fabric look.

Metal bands are ideal if you want your smartwatch to look a little classier, formal or just like a regular watch. Some metal Apple Watch bands have a bracelet-style design. Others have a buckle or clasp. If you're considering a metal band, you'll want to ensure it's secure, as it might be heavier than other options you're used to.

Like metal bands, leather bands can also add style points to your Apple Watch and tend to look more formal. We usually recommend a leather option if anyone is wary about transitioning from a regular watch to a smartwatch. Choose a quality leather band, and it can be the most comfortable choice. There are some good vegan leather options these days too.

Nickel. Apple Watch models with a stainless steel or an aluminum case, the stainless steel band release buttons of Apple Watch Series 4 and later and Apple Watch SE, the stainless steel portions of some Apple Watch bands, the metallic portions of the Hermès bands, and the magnets in the watch and bands, each contain some nickel. However, they all fall below the strict nickel restrictions set by European REACH regulation. Therefore, while nickel exposure is unlikely to be a problem, you should be aware of the possibility in case you're susceptible to nickel-related reactions.

StrapsCo carries hundreds of premium watch straps for all major watch brands and more. Our top picks are selected based on popularity, customer rating, style, versatility, and quality. Here is a list of our best watch bands.

StrapsCo has hundreds of watch bands in various designs, colors, sizes, and materials. You can browse our massive selection to find the style that suits you best. Get the size and length of your old watch band, and find a replacement with the same measurements.

The cost of a watch band depends on the material and make of the product. StrapsCo offers premium leather bands, starting at $14.99; metal straps at $19.99; one-piece bands at $9.99; and rubber straps at $10.99. If you buy two products, you get one for free.

If you're looking to pick up your next wristband or strap for your Apple Watch, you've come to the right place. Here, we have some solid choices that deliver elements like durability, style, and color options, all at an affordable price. The Fullmosa Silicone Band (opens in new tab) is the strap that truly comes through on all those attributes. If this one isn't your style, then you may find one of these other watch bands more appealing. 041b061a72


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