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Based on the changes in this issue (I think) I also saw this error message: An error occured during the creation of the Look at the logs for details. (Note that "occurred" should have two "r"s)

This time, I downloaded the, then expanded it, and created a new directory within my Solr install's server/solr directory and moved the generated, expanded directory within this, renamed to "conf". I then tried to add this to Solr, but received the following fatal error:

Can you clarify if having gone through your steps, the generated could be used successfully for a working Solr core? Also, were you using the 4.x-dev version of Search API Solr (which includes the patch in this thread)?

3. Using drush to generate the core drush solr-gsc test 7 still generates a which is invalid. Once installed in Solr the core is not initialized correctly. See attached log and generated core. I have doubts it can generate a valid configuration without a running Solr.

When creating a server, if the "Solr version override" field under "Configure Standard Solr connector" -> "Connector workarounds" is left as "Determine automatically", the following errors appear when trying to download the

Where would I find pdfservices-api-credentials.json or an example of it? It's not in the downloaded during the Get Started Workflow. The only files contained in the zip are the private key and public cert.

I'm currently running a test and the "Saving Project" dialog stays open and the progress is stuck at 0%. Do I need to swap out an old because the most recent one may be corrupted? Thanks! Michael

But I still didn't have a saved project after that was done. After the test was over, I tried to restore an old (valid, from a very recent project save) in the project's directory. As I expected, this didn't really fix the error in the running GUI. I had to then use Task Manager to end the NeoLoad GUI process.

You can now generate a file using the button at the top of the page.That produces a Solr configuration that is customized for your current field configuration.Extract the file into the .platform directory of your site.It should unpack into a directory named solr_8.x_config or similar.

It is also possible to import files from .jar and .zip files.# Use 'lombok.config' from the root of the archive.import ../deps/lombok-config.jar# Use a given file in the archive.import ../deps/!base/model.configConfiguration files inside archives can import other configuration files, provided that they are in the same archive. 781b155fdc


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