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Where To Buy Fake Palm Trees

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Oasis Illusions manufactures outdoor artificial palm trees and indoor Preserved Palm Trees which can be used to promote a vacation atmosphere for both residential and commercial customers. These trees can bring the island atmosphere to your backyard or commercial property.

All our outdoor artificial palm trees for sale are engineered for protection against intense sunlight UV rays, rain, ice, snow, frost, humidity, freezing conditions, and high wind gusts. The leaves do not get brittle in freezing conditions outside, as many inferior fake palm trees might.

Our interior preserved palm trees are made from actual palm leaves that are treated to last indoors. These preserved tree fronds are transformed through a proprietary scientific systemic process which saves the leaf so it will never wither away.

About 4 years ago as we were building our pool I thought that adding palm trees would be a nice touch. After a lot of research I ordered 2 beautiful trees from Bob Wear at Oasis Illusions. They are still in perfect condition with no maintenance. We absolutely love the trees!

Our Company had an wonderful experience working with Oasis Illusions. We were contracted to work on a high end car dealership in Florida where high quality preserved palm tree and plants were needed. OI crew did an excellent job with installation, were very timely, reliable and very accommodation to some hick ups that happened during construction process. We look forward to many more projects together and very much recommend Oasis Illusions for all of your residential and commercial needs.

I give 5 stars only because it's not possible to give more. Not only does Oasis Illusions have the best quality palm trees, but also dealing with Bob is a pleasure. You will be thrilled when you see these palm trees installed.

Palm trees have a certain romanticism about them, a certain sculptural sophistication which makes them a majestic presence in any space. Our Palm trees capture that romance and elegance with the lifelike refreshing color which will light up the space where you place them. Crafted from premium quality material, our Palm trees boast of exotic looks and a stunning realism which will make them an instant favorite in your landscape. The slender, wispy fronds and carefully crafted branched of our Palm trees will add a touch of green and tranquility to any space.

These cuter versions of our imitation palm trees offer a whole new level of versatility and adorableness. Our set of three assorted mini palms in planter can be spread out in any room for a little taste of nature throughout your space, or all together as a trio to make a miniature forest centerpiece for a table or counter. If you are looking for a clear vase look instead of wooden planters, this trio can do the fit your need, featuring realistic imitation water. With these small teams of plants, even the minute aspects of your decor can be improved.

Every yard-scape can be transformed to look better and brighter with palm fronds of many shades of vibrant green. With UV resistance these colors will stay loud and clear for years to come. Add some shade and privacy to your patio lounge area quickly and easily or frame your front door and garage with a gate of tropical royalty. At the same price range as real palm trees with leaves guaranteed to never yellow or brown, artificial silk palms are the way to go for your tropical themed outdoor needs.

Welcome to our collection of artificial palm trees for indoor use. Do you dream of the tropics as you look out your window at the gloomy cold? Do you envision sunshine and flowing palms when your reality is far from a tropical oasis? Then you should bring your ideal environment into your home with our collection of Fake Palm Trees. Decorative arecas are bushy can make your home feel warm and inviting and make you feel like you are on vacation every day. Place some kentia throughout your home or business to bring the best part of your favorite retreat to you.



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