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How To Buy Stuff On Facebook

Wondering if you can tell me if this is legit? I sold 600 dollars this year and now facebook says i have to give my ssc nimber to continue shipping and recieve my payment because they have to send me a 1099 form. Thanks very much

how to buy stuff on facebook

Experts tell us about alleged sellers asking for money through a third-party service like Ebay or Amazon even stealing logos to make invoices look legit. You wire the money, but you never get your stuff.

Business Insider. (2016). Facebook wants to replace Craigslist and eBay with a new section in its

Commercialising peer-to-peer online selling business, Facebook Inc launched the Facebook Marketplace to assist users to buy their favourite stuff online effectively. In this new section on Facebook, people can browse and buy numerous items put up by sellers, resellers, and more on the website. The categories are listed on the left are extensive and covers almost everything from vehicles, food, pet supplies and more to property and more. 041b061a72


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